Star Institute has been selected as a national provider of the new look NPQ qualifications.

The qualifications – which have recently undergone substantive reform to better-reflect the demands faced by school leaders – include the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH), the National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership (NPQSL) and the National Professional Qualification for Middle Leadership (NPQML).

The Institute has also been approved to deliver a new qualification – the National Professional Qualification for Executive Leadership (NPQEL) – designed to enhance the practice of aspiring or serving Executive Headteachers and CEOs of small Multi-Academy Trusts, who are responsible for managing several schools.

The NPQ programmes are structured to complement and build on each other, offering clear progression pathways for school staff who want to make a wide-reaching impact – as leaders in their own organisations, and as the driving force behind local and national education partnerships.

Star Institute has already established itself as a choice provider of NPQ qualifications throughout the North West, with hundreds of candidates benefitting from the programmes. Being approved as a national provider means that the Institute can now expand its offer to the rest of the country and inspire a new generation of leaders, from those taking their first steps into middle leadership, to those already working at the highest levels of the profession.

(Mufti) Hamid Patel, Chief Executive of Star Academies, said,

“Star Institute is committed to instilling aspiring and established leaders with the skills they need to build a self-improving education system, and all of the Institute’s NPQ programmes are designed to facilitate the sharing of best practice and contribute to the professional and personal development of the school workforce.

“High-quality leaders are essential to the long-term sustainability of our schools – they improve staff morale, they drive up standards, they tackle all of the challenges that the day-to-day running of a school can bring, but most importantly, they do whatever it takes to secure the very best outcomes for our pupils – academically and personally.

“By training the next generation of leaders, we can work together to enhance and transform the educational outcomes and experiences of young people. The Institute’s vision to nurture today’s young people and inspire tomorrow’s leaders is at the heart of our NPQ delivery model.”


The new NPQs will launch in the Autumn Term. Interested candidates can register their interest online now or call 0330 313 9870 for more information.

The Institute is also keen to hear from Schools, Teaching Schools or MATs interested in joining Star as Lead Partner Schools responsible for the delivery of the NPQs. We are always looking for new partners who share our commitment to building a world-class workforce and self-improving education system. Our locally driven model ensures our leadership programmes provide a tailored curriculum designed to the meet the needs, ideas and aspirations of the local school communities we serve. Lead Partner Schools will need to demonstrate a track record of providing high quality CPD and/or school to school support as well as a commitment to developing a network of partner schools. In return, Lead Partner Schools will benefit from a rigorous curriculum, administration and marketing support, training and quality assurance.

Prospective partners should email for further information about joining the Star alliance as a new provider of the NPQs