We are pleased to announce that the DfE have confirmed that they will continue to provide funding for the NPQ programme suite for eligible participants starting programmes until March 2020.  Interested candidates can apply for partner programmes ( NPQML and NPQSL) and can find out about NPQH and NPQEL application deadlines on our website.

Scholarships are for candidates in specific areas of the country identified by the DfE.  In the event scholarships are over-subscribed the DfE reserves the right to prioritise funding using the following criteria (in order of priority):

  • Participants working in Opportunity Areas
  • Participants working in schools where more than 30% of pupils receive Free School Meals
  • Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) teachers and leaders
  • Participants working in a school in an Opportunity Area, where the school is below the Key Stage 2 or Key Stage 4 floor standards