The Strengthening Leadership Modules strand aims to provide tailored leadership training to middle and senior leaders across Blackpool. It offers a menu of standalone modules that tackle key challenges specific to Blackpool.


Each modules consists of twilight sessions based in Blackpool schools. These are led by Blackpool specialists and followed up with online discussion groups. Participants are supported in embedding their learning in their own schools with funding for action-based research projects.

Each module is rooted in the latest research and tailored to the local Blackpool context. Modules provide opportunities for action learning and examples of best practice drawn from schools across the authority.

The modules cover:

  • Transition
  • Behaviour and attendance
  • Raising aspirations
  • Transience
  • Speech, Language and Communication

Blackpool school staff can sign up to as many of these modules as required and can mix and match modules to suit their needs. Further sessions may be developed during the course of the project and will be added here.

These standalone modules also complement the DfE approved NPQ programmes.


This module builds on the work already underway, led by the Blackpool School Improvement Board, to build upon a year’s 5-8 transition approach’. It explores the principles of effective practice in transition across the key stages. It will allow participants to reflect on current policy and practice in transition and the implications for their own organisations. The module aims to empower participants to undertake research and to use the experience from the session to influence current and future practice in schools.

This module explores how leaders can engage all staff in the process of establishing a culture of positive behaviour. It covers how to effectively implement school behaviour and attendance policies and aims to increase understanding of the possible causes of challenging behaviour and equip staff with the skills and confidence to manage it. Participants will explore how leaders can engage staff in the process of establishing a culture of positive behaviour, increase understanding, skills and confidence of staff to support them to effectively challenge pupil behaviour and develop the social, emotional and mental wellbeing of pupils and staff.
This module aims to develop the leadership of Careers, Advice, Information, Guidance and Enterprise across all phases in Blackpool schools by creating a dynamic culture of learning that enables children and young people in Blackpool to achieve success in the 21st century. Within the module participants will explore a range of practical strategies and approaches to closing the gap between education and employment. The aim is for leaders to create a culture where all children and young people have the right information, advice and guidance about careers at every stage of their education.
This module aims to address the challenges caused by pupil transience in Blackpool through increasing participant understanding of the context, the impact of transience on pupils, the needs of the pupils who experience transience and the role of the parent, school and external agencies in securing pupils’ wellbeing and successful learning.
This module aims to equip leaders with knowledge and strategies to support students with Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN). The overarching module is split into two specific modules.

The first is a general module that covers essential knowledge to support policy and practice within schools. It aims to equip leaders with the knowledge, skills and tools to create a ‘communication friendly’ school in which each child develops the strongest language and communication skills s/he is capable of.

The second module is for specialists or those working directly with children who have SCLN. The specialist session focuses on raising the profile of SLCN in school, understanding the strengths and development areas of the school and developing staff skills and confidence to identify and meet the needs of learners.


Each module comprises one 3-hour twilight session supported by online discussion groups.


The Strengthening Leadership Modules are hosted in various schools across Blackpool.


Lead Blackpool is a fully funded project. All elements of the programme are free for aspiring and serving middle and senior leaders employed within Blackpool schools. Funding for cover is also available.


If you are working in a Blackpool school and are interested in attending one or more of the Strengthening Leadership Modules, register your interest on our enquiry form, call 0330 313 9871 or email

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