“The whole course really focuses your mind and offers you clear insight and direction into becoming a headteacher – so much so, that after only 8 months on the course I was encouraged to go for a Headship post by my coach. I secured an interview, and used a lot of ideas and guidance from the Star Institute modules throughout my 2-day interview and presentation process. I’m pleased to say that I have now accepted my first headteacher post, from my very first application and interview! I know I would not have even got past the application stage or even applied for the post, had it not been for my coach, placement school head teacher and all the fantastic advice, guidance and clarity of thought, provided by the Star Institute programme for the NPQH: a true testament to the quality of training I have received in a short space of time.”
NPQH, Stuart McCartney, Newton Primary School, Chester
“We feel wholly supported by the Star Institute’s Appropriate Body Service. The Quality Assurance visit provided the Induction Tutor with valuable feedback as to what we can do to further support our NQTs. The NQTs also found it useful and valued the advice the Quality Assurer gave them on how to evidence the Teacher Standards.”
NQT Appropriate Body Service, Hannah Vercoe, St. Bede’s RC High School, Blackburn
“The organisation and delivery of the NPQH has been excellent. The facilitators have been very informative and willing to share real life experience from their own headships. The course materials have also been excellent and provided useful tools to support planning and preparation.”
NPQH, Mohammad Sajjid Sarwar, Marlborough Junior School, Birmingham
“The course facilitators were very adept at placing the theory being delivered into practical, real-life situations. They effectively used their own school leadership experiences to ensure we understood that what we were learning could benefit us within our school.”
NPQH, Robert Downey, The Grange Secondary School, Runcorn

“The Star Institute is currently offering much support, and evidence of the impact of this was clear. There is, for example, a more focused and purposeful approach to improvement planning. Crucial issues to be tackled are recognised and efforts are being made to enable greater capacity at senior and middle leadership levels.”

Ofsted report , following a Star Institute ‘School-to-school deployment’
“Star Institute’s Appropriate Body Service offered a thorough and considered assessment of our NQT provision, highlighting our strengths in supporting new teachers to develop their existing skills and adjust to the rigours of day-to-day practice. The Assessor also offered some helpful recommendations as to how we could further improve our induction process and the experience of our NQTs. It was reassuring when the QA confirmed that all of our NQTs are meeting Teachers’ Standards to a good or outstanding level, and that our internal assessments of their capabilities have been accurate. The Quality Assurer was generous with their time and I know our NQTs were grateful for the constructive advice and support they received.”
NQT Appropriate Body Service, Caterina Park, The Olive School, Hackney
“I was fortunate to be able to take part in Leading Free Schools programme. The two modules, delivered in London, were of an extremely high standard. The material was relevant, thought provoking and well-presented and I was delighted by the quality of the reading lists. All first time Free School Headteachers would benefit from these modules.”
Centre of Excellence for Free Schools Leadership, Leading Free Schools Programme, Mary Elcock, Heron Hall Academy, Edmonton
“The quality of the delivery was excellent, as was the calibre of resources. The sessions were always informative and interesting. I enjoyed them immensely and found the insights of former Headteachers to be extremely valuable.”
NPQML, Richard Foster, Eden Boys’ School, Bolton, Greater Manchester
“The finance training was practical, rooted in day-to-day reality of a school business and administration office.”
Business Manager Training, Sugheer Zeb, Laisterdyke Leadership Academy, Bradford
“This is a highly reflective course delivered by competent and interesting leaders who inspire and motivate me to want to improve my skills in leadership. One of the most worthwhile and inspiring courses I have been on that I know has already had an impact on me as a middle leader in current role.”
NPQSL, Victoria Cross, Helsby High School, Cheshire
“We have undertaken the QA process with other providers in the past, but I found Star Institute’s Appropriate Body Service to be more rigorous in their approach. Continual monitoring and checking the quality assurance within schools is a much better way of assessing NQTs’ standards, rather than just having one visit that results in a pass or a fail. The QA was a good experience for both myself and the NQTs.”
NQT Appropriate Body Service, Elaine Bond, Witton Park Academy, Blackburn
“As a brand new Head in a Free School, the Leading Free Schools programme run by Star was extremely useful in the run up to our September opening. I found the media training and workshops particularly useful and I have used the resources on a number of occasions since. We were given plenty of opportunities to share ideas with colleagues from similar settings and the pace and delivery of the content was excellent.”
Centre of Excellence for Free Schools Leadership, Leading Free Schools Programme, Rob Brocklebank, Eden School, Blackburn
“Content was great, so passionate and reminded me of the moral imperative.”
NPQSL, Kate Doyle, Kelsall Primary School

“The arrangements put in place by the national support school have led swiftly to significant improvements.”

Ofsted report , following a Star Institute ‘School-to-school deployment’
“With the demands of teaching and the fast pace of school life, you are rarely afforded the opportunity to stop and think about leadership as an art, but the NPQML is a fantastic way of getting to grips with the many facets and faces of successful leadership. The course helped to enhance my knowledge of what makes a good leader and a strong team, and also provided an insight into how to deal with the variety of challenges you encounter along the way.”
NPQML , Natalie Beveridge, TIBHS, Blackburn
“The Leading Free Schools programme was informative. The most valuable aspect was being given the opportunity to discuss and share ideas with fellow colleagues. The programme confirmed to myself that the school was doing well, despite the hurdles to climb in the first year of a school opening. The programme provided time for reflection and relevant information, along with inspirational speakers.”
Centre of Excellence for Free Schools Leadership, Leading Free Schools Programme, Gina Thompson, Rutherford House, Balham

“A very informative programme which prepared the Falcons team for the many challenges ahead. It also helped to equip the Trust with essential skills and strategies in engaging parents and the community.”

Centre of Excellence for Free Schools Leadership, Leading Free Schools Programme, Taj Jagdev, Falcons Primary School, Leicester
“The NPQML has enabled me to appreciate the many roles and responsibilities that a leader has, as well as highlighting the importance of motivating others by maintaining high expectations for both colleagues and pupils. Having the opportunity to work with staff to help develop their practice is something that is immensely rewarding – even more so when I see the positive effects that this has on the children at our school.”
NPQML, Parveen Yusuf, The Olive School, Blackburn