Consortium with Leverage Leadership Institute

This is a ground-breaking and innovative new leadership programme brought to you by a consortium of high performing UK schools and the Leverage Leadership Institute in the United States.

Following the principles of Leverage Leadership, the Exemplary Leadership Programme will guide leaders in how to establish a strong school culture (routines and behaviour management), effective teaching, founded on direct instruction, and aspirational outcomes for pupils through a knowledge-rich curriculum. Training will follow a series of ‘see it, name it, do it’ cycles so that participants both explore the theory and are supported in its implementation in the context of their own school improvement priorities. The programme is deliberately designed to take advantage of the opportunities offered by online learning platforms. It removes the barriers imposed by geography and enables you to see a school in session through the eyes of an exemplary leader.

The programme is fully funded by the Department for Education for the first cohort and delivered by a consortium of partners:

> Star Institute, the training and development arm of Star Academies
> Leverage Leadership Institute, part of Relay Graduate School in the United States, an Uncommon Schools partner
> Dixons Academies Trust
> Inspiration Trust
> Outwood Grange Academies Trust

Paul Bambrick-Santoyo, author of Leverage Leadership and founder of Leverage Leadership Institute, defines day-to-day instruction as “observing classrooms, coaching teachers to make them better, leading or planning professional training for teachers, using data to drive instruction and evaluating teachers.” He describes this as ‘the most important work in the school building, in our society you could argue’ and says that in many schools this goes ‘unmanaged’.

Applications for the programme have now closed. Express your interest below to find out if the programme is extended for another year.



“I’ve been hoping for training on Leverage Leadership since I first picked the book up – and the experience did not disappoint!”
Jude H

“‘Many thanks for this introduction to what will no doubt be a transformational journey!”

Helen T

“Learning from others in different contexts and being able to adapt to our context”

Alison C

“Seems a really good mix of ideas from school visits, see it, name it , do it and time to discuss with others. Scripting sounds a good idea to emphasise message.”

Peter K

“Having a fresh pair of eyes and seeing things in a different environment with a different process to the usual.”

Helen C

“The visit was amazing. Jo was great and she spoke so eloquently about what was going on in her school. It was really good to see the application of the content we have looked at in the sessions so far and see them brought to life in a school and the impact”



> Learn the core principles of instructional and cultural leadership
> Understand what success looks like on the ground, across a range of schools, by making the invisible visible
> Practice instructional and cultural levers of leadership in the context of improving:
> A knowledge-rich curriculum
> Direct instruction
> Behaviour management
> Adopt and adapt the tools and techniques used by exemplary leaders to facilitate a schoolwide transformation within participants’ own context

> Commit the ‘see it’, ‘name it’, ‘do it’ arc to muscle memory to achieve rapid, sustainable school improvement in the context of ‘real’ school improvement priorities

The Exemplary Leadership Programme will be delivered entirely online enabling participants to access this high impact training from anywhere in the country. The programme is structured around three Learning Sets, each with a different focus:
> Pupil Culture – securing routines and learning behaviours
> Observation and Feedback – developing direct teaching techniques using instructional coaching
> Leading Planning – embedding a core knowledge curriculum

Each set is delivered through four half days of training:

> Two half days of training delivered by experts from the Leverage Leadership Institute
> One half day virtual visit to a consortium school
> One half day school improvement priority workshop

Between each set, the participants will complete an applied ‘gap task’ and received expert feedback to help them embed the principles of the programme in their school.

Three Learning Sets
Leadership Lever

Training-based cycle (simulated) See It Leverage Leadership training 2 half days
Name It
Do It
Applied cycle (‘real’ settings) See It Virtual visit to consortium school Half day
Name It School Improvement priority workshop Half day
Do It Gap tasks and expert feedback


The programme is open to two participants from each applying school. The primary audience is the headteacher who should be accompanied on the programme by another senior or executive leader.

This pair should have specified accountability for the school and pupil outcomes so they can work together as ‘levers for change’ throughout the programme.

In the first year of the pilot, the programme is fully funded by the DfE. There are limited places available so it is important to apply early to secure a place. Only state-funded schools in England are eligible for this programme.

Applications for the programme have now closed. Express your interest below to find out if the programme is extended for another year.


These organisations have learnt what success looks like under the microscope of continual growth within free schools, and in the challenges of turnaround academies. Each organisation sustains improvement via Exemplary Leaders who understand explicitly how to work the ‘levers’ that underpin this programme. Each has a track record in securing improvement in schools at different stages in their individual journeys by developing more effective leaders and school improvement approaches.

Dixons Academies Trust was the second highest performing MAT nationally for P8 2019 and 4th for 16-18 performance. Five of the 12 Dixons academies are Outstanding; three Good, four have no judgement.

Inspiration Trust has 11 Good and Outstanding schools and achieves above average P8 (0.25 in 2019).

Outwood Grange Academies Trust has a track record of sponsoring schools previously judged inadequate. Eight of these have been inspected since joining the Trust and all are at least Good; two are Outstanding.

Relay is an accredited national non-profit institution of higher education serving over 5,000 students, teachers, and school leaders across the US. The Leverage Leadership Institute offers a yearlong fellowship with Dean Paul Bambrick-Santoyo, Relay faculty member and Uncommon Schools’ Chief Schools Officer 9-12 (also author of Driven by Data, Leverage Leadership, and Great Habits, Great Readers).

Star is the country’s highest performing MAT by progress measures (KS4 +1.42 in 2018). Five schools in the top 15 schools nationally for Progress8 in 2019.